Simple Switch: Plastic Cutlery

Reducing the amount of waste you produce doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s actually simple. It just takes the commitment to switch out one wasteful habit at a time for a more sustainable, and often better looking, alternative. And to prove it, this month’s switch is as easy as slipping a fork into your bag.

This month’s simple switch: Reusable Eating Utensils instead of Plastic Utensils


You know those plastic knives, forks, and spoons that everyone uses at barbecues, large get togethers, and when traveling? Yeah, those are single use pieces of plastic that go straight into the trash. Not cool.

But there is a solution. Instead of using plastic and tossing it, simply bring your own reusable cutlery with you to use. This does mean that you will need to wash your utensils after using them, but that really only takes a few seconds of your time and some warm soapy water, whereas the plastic alternative takes a multitude of resources and a lifetime in a landfill.


Chances are you have a drawer full of reusable metal cutlery in your kitchen already. You can totally just use what you already own instead of buying anything new. For the first 10 months after I ditched waste, I chose to use the metal utensils I already had. I would just wrap up a fork, spoon, and sometimes a knife in a cloth napkin and throw it into my bag in the morning. I also kept some wrapped in the glove box of my car just in case. The napkin not only kept the utensils clean until I was ready to use them, but also came in handy while I was eating. Once I was done with them, I’d simply wrap them back up into my napkin until I could get them home to wash.


If you aren’t into carrying around metal set of silverware all day there are plenty of other options. My favorite alternative is a set of bamboo utensils from ToGo Ware that come in a handy reusable case. The case functions the same way that the napkin does. It protects the utensils to keep them clean, and also protects your bag after you’ve used them.


Another option is this collapsible spork from . It folds into a handy little bag which keeps it out of the way.


Whatever you choose is awesome as long as it’s reusable!


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