Recipe: Cornbread

I grew up loving chili and cornbread, and never having one without the other (unless it was chili and cinnamon roll day at school in which case, cornbread who?). Now, I still enjoy the two together, but I have found that sometimes I just want the cornbread. In my head this seems radical. Reckless even. … More Recipe: Cornbread

A wannabe non-consumer’s guide to gift giving 2016:

It’s that time of year again where most of the nation goes crazy holiday shopping. I’ve been there. My family almost always gave store bought gifts when I was growing up, and I was one of those people in the mall every December trying to find last minute gifts for relatives and friends. Now-a-days I tend … More A wannabe non-consumer’s guide to gift giving 2016:

Phone Cases

Let’s face it, phone cases are kind of crazy. They are built to last forever, yet they become obsolete once the next upgrade is rolled out. My phone recently quit working (15 days after the manufacturer’s warranty wore off….) putting me in the not-so-unique position of having to find a new or refurbished phone. While … More Phone Cases