ME 3My name is Samantha White, and I created this blog to make reducing your daily waste simple. Here I define waste as any item that can’t be reused, recycled or composted and is therefore sent to the landfill. This means that I aspire to create no trash at all. To accomplish this I have reduced my consumption, I refuse unnecessary items, I recycle everything that I can, I compost what can’t be recycled, and I reuse what’s left. I’ve also quit using plastic, and instead opt for more sustainable alternatives whenever possible.

I’m originally from a small town in South Dakota, and I wanted a way to bring awareness to how hard it can be to go waste free in the Midwestern United States.  As rural areas become more connected with the rest of the world, it seems they have also become disconnected from the nature that they are rooted in.  Through the internet I hope to share my story of changing how I look at waste in a community where disposable is the normal and change is treated as the enemy of economical success. It isn’t always easy, but it is always important.

Currently I am living in New Hampshire where I’m continuing my zero waste journey.


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  2. I live in new hampshire as well. What grocery store do you shop at? I live near portsmouth and havent had much luck on a bulk store


  3. Hi I just started on a low waste journey and found your blog. How inspiring and well written your post are. I’m from NH too! It’s great to see these ideas are attainable outside of huge cities. Thanks for writing



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