How To: Remove Labels From Glass Jars

When I started my zero waste journey glass jars were one of the items I invested in right away. They have so many purposes: canning, storing food in the refrigerator, getting coffee to-go, storing food in the freezer, bringing home leftovers from restaurants, storing food in the pantry. You get the idea. I’m a sucker … More How To: Remove Labels From Glass Jars


Zero-Waste Cleaning

One of the easiest zero-waste changes I have made is my cleaning routine. Once upon a time I was the one in my family that was convinced we needed the newest cleaning gadgets coupled with the newest cleaning solutions. Fast forward ten years and I have swapped gadgets and gimmicks for simpler, multi-functional cleaners. Never again … More Zero-Waste Cleaning

Homemade Deodorant

When I first started my zero-waste journey, I anticipated that deodorant was going to one of the harder personal care products for me to find an alternative to. I mean , I had finally found what I considered to be the perfect store bought deodorant. It not only lasted all day, but it rolled on smooth … More Homemade Deodorant