Simple Switch: To Go Boxes

This month I’ve decided to highlight how easy it is to switch from Styrofoam, plastic, or other single use to go containers to a reusable container. When I first started reducing my waste, I noticed that food packaging was one of my biggest trash can contributors. But once I started shopping plastic free and as unpackaged as possible, there was still quite a bit of food packaging being thrown out in the form of to go containers.


Like all of these simple switches, there is good news for those of you who want to continue eating out without the waste. Just bring your own container with you instead of using the disposable one restaurants provide.

Simple Switch: Single Use To Go Boxes for Reusable Containers

If you’ve been following my journey, you may have seen the stainless steel tiffin that I use as a to go container and general snack vessel wherever I go. I love my tiffin, and it was definitely a good investment for me, but that in no way means that you should go out and spend money on a tiffin you will never actually use.


The key to this switch, and to all of these switches really, is to find what works best for you and what is doable long term for your lifestyle. I live in a place where I drive almost everywhere, so keeping a tiffin in my car is an easy way to always have a container. The tiffin also fits in my purse, but it’s a bit bulky so it’s not always handy to carry around all day if I’m walking.

On days where I’m on foot or traveling without my car, I generally just take a large mouth, pint sized mason jar with me. Jars can be used for so much (coffee, leftovers, holding food scraps until you can get to a compost bin) plus they are lightweight and small. The problem that can come with a jar is the glass can break or not be allowed everywhere (though these are problems I rarely encounter).


If you are looking to buy something new, but the tiffin isn’t your thing, there are options. There are tiered tiffins like the one I am currently using, or there are stainless steel boxes that are more compact. I haven’t invested in one of these yet, but it’s going to be one of my next splurges.



2 thoughts on “Simple Switch: To Go Boxes

  1. Yes, love this! I rarely get takeout per se, but usually try to tuck a metal container in my bag if I think I’ll have leftovers. Your samosas are making my mouth water… 🙂


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