Waste Free: My First Step

Waste Free: My First Step

My name is Samantha White, and today is the day that I took what felt like my first tangible step towards a waste and plastic free lifestyle. This step was to buy the ingredients and make my very own toothpaste. Though I have made other simple changes in my life, actually making a product instead of buying one seems like my first big accomplishment, and it seems even bigger considering the fact that I live in a rural area of South Dakota.  If you aren’t from a rural area, you might think that living here means we are closer to nature, making this lifestyle change easier. This is simply not true. Though I did play outside as a child and there are cornfields and cows within walking distance of where I live, none of this makes it easier for me to live waste free.  Almost all of the products we grow are exported to other places and we have trucks haul in all of our commodities.  It is nearly impossible to go grocery shopping for a week without buying plastic.  I still have not managed to at least.  But, the thing that makes it the hardest to go waste free in a small area is the lack of support and resources.  Most people who live here either don’t understand the need for a sustainable lifestyle or they don’t understand how you would even begin to have one. This lack of understanding is what motivated me to take my first step. paste I’m definitely not anywhere near this goal of being waste free. You picture what I mean more fully when you find out that I ordered a pizza immediately after making my waste free toothpaste, but this is just the first step of many.  I have already (mostly) switched from using bags at the grocery store to bringing my own, and I no longer buy bottles of water.  I opt instead for a reusable stainless steel water bottle.  I have decided to document this journey to show to everyone that even in rural areas with limited access to recycling or other resources, it is possible to make small changes towards being more sustainable.  pizza

On a side note: The pizza was absolutely delicious.


3 thoughts on “Waste Free: My First Step

  1. I am just starting out as well! It’s so hard in Norway beacuse nothing is sold in bulk here and I have to order stuff like coconut oil online. But it’s better to try living zero waste then get discouraged and not try at all 🙂


  2. South Dakota! I’m in Minnesota. I’ve been hearing from some friends that it is more difficult in rural areas as well. I didn’t know this was an issue since I live in the twin cities and I have access to a lot of sustainable resources, but have noticed in my job (Conservation Corps) that a lot of people working in the environmental field do not seem to look into their actions and live a sustainable life. At all. It’s frustrating for someone who tries to make a change as soon as I see a problem.

    Anyways, good luck with your journey! It sounds difficult, so I’m sure you will find some creative alternatives and solutions. At least local produce is on the way :]


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