Disposing of Razor Blades

Once I started shaving using a metal safety razor and stainless steel blades I thought I had this zero waste thing all figured out. Until one day when my new razor just didn’t seem to be shaving as well as it had been. This happened after I had used it quite a few times (I would guess around 8) and I realized it was time to replace the blade. No big deal, I had multiple blades ready and waiting for this exact moment. What I didn’t have was a plan on how to properly and safely dispose of my dull blade.


I knew that I couldn’t just dump it in with my other zero-sort recycling for two reasons. The first being that my current recycling provider doesn’t recycle steel, and the second reason being that sharp items such as razors can be hazardous to the workers who sort out the recycling.

I looked around online and found that the solid waste facility in my city recycles steel cans, so I decided to email them and see if they would take other steel items as well. After emailing them I found out that they would take my steel razor blades.


Because I have to drive out of my way to drop my razor blades off, I have started saving them in a small jar. Once the jar is full (or I have other recyclables to drop off) I will take all the blades to the recycling center.


7 thoughts on “Disposing of Razor Blades

  1. The trick I used to toss my blades was a steel can. I bought a can of broth (or something liquid) and used a sharp knife to cut a slit in the top. I poured out the contents to use and then rinsed the can, and tada! You drop the blades through the slit and they’re trapped inside. Simply toss the whole thing in the recycling when it gets full (which takes few years).


  2. Thank you for your three articles about zero waste shaving, it’s been on my mind since I’ve been transitionning and I really appreciate the information you’ve given us.


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